In many different countries, the availability of drinkable water is a serious issue. It is especially serious for those who live far from major cities, where their living quarters cannot be connected to a water treatment facility.

Most of the time, the only accessible water is contaminated and undrinkable and must be boiled using a scarce energy source. Moreover, in many cases, the source of water available is also very distant.
AguaSmart’s systems bring a solution to this major issue in a reliable, universal and economical way.
Producing electricity from photovoltaic modules and windmills, our units offer a self-contained source of production for drinkable water and do not require the outsourcing of energy or fuel sources. AguaSmart’s units are also able to store theelectricity not used from the water treatment.
Environmentally friendly and economic, our system eliminates the use of wood to boil unsanitary water. They respect the environment by incorporating climatic conditions and local resources in the form of solar and wind energy.