lthough water covers 70% of earth, 97% of this is salt/saline water and another 2% is frozen in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Water is an omnipresent resource yet rare and indispensable for life. Humans can only access a small amount of unsalted water: lakes, rivers, and groundwater from aquifers represent only 1% of the available water on earth.
Population growth, economic development and urbanization reinforce the need of drinking water-without forgetting global warming which contributes drastically to « hydric stress » or water scarcity of the planet.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), out of 7 billion inhabitants more than 1.5 billion do not have access to drinking water. Another 2.5 billion lack access to water sanitizing systems, even if we know that hygiene, drinking water and health are connected.
Water related diseases are the number one cause of mortality in the world (11,000/day, 8/minute of which 50% are children). These numbers might increase in the following years, as the gap between the consumption of water between Western and emerging countries widen and even more so in the next 15 years.
AguaSmart’s and our partners’ experience and knowledge allows us to offer aneconomic, ecological and sustainable solution to different areas of the world where drinking water is needed. AguaSmart’s mission is to produce drinking water at a low cost and in areas that lack sufficient energy sources.