Water treatment

AguaSmart’s mission is to provide low cost drinking water to areas that lack sufficient energy sources.

AguaSmart supplies ecological water treatment systems based on the latest developments in renewable energy such as photovoltaic modules and windmill technology.

Our self-contained units can be installed anywhere and are intended for a population which requires drinking water at the lowest cost.

Our units allow the treatment of all types of raw waters: river, well, brine, brackish, sea/saline water. It is also easily transported, installed, and operated due to its low-maintenance features.



To achieve reliable and satisfactory results, we have coordinated our guidelines with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations for quality drinking water. AguaSmart is continuously working with engineering offices and analysis laboratories. Depending on the source of water, our water treatment systems feature two different filtering technologies:

Ultra filtration

– River water
– Lake water
– Well Water
– Ground/Aquifer water

The ultra filtration membrane removes organic contaminants; viruses and bacteria to a size of .001 micron without using toxic chemical treatments. Ultra filtration works through a mechanical procedure where raw water is filtered by pressure through a high-tech hollow fiber membrane. This process retains the natural minerals found in the water.

Reverse Osmosis

– Sea/Saline Water
– Salted well water
– Brackish water
– Brine water

Reverse osmosis purifies the water of its salt content while additionally removing all contaminants such as various viruses, bacteria, and pollen down to a size of 0.001 micron without using any toxic, chemical treatments. This treatment uses a multi-layered membrane that filters the water under high water pressure.

Electricity production

Harnessing renewable, clean and free energy such as solar and wind powerhas allowed AguaSmart to develop an innovative and environmentally friendlyand sustainable solution to meet the multiple challenges surrounding insufficient energy supplies in remote areas where infrastructure improvement is necessary.

AguaSmart’s systems produce electricity at low cost with benefits which are:
– Ecological and autonomous
– Efficient, reliable and sustainable
– Easy to use (installation, operation and maintenance)
– Adaptable to all countries due to high quality components (even withstanding harsh climatic conditions)
– Useful in providing electricity supply for small villages (lamps, refrigerators, T.V., computers)