AguaSmart Range AB-EM – Mobile Drinking Water Units (click for description)

AguaSmart Range AB-CT – Drinking Water Units in container (click for description)

AguaSmart’s Units are developed for populations that have difficulty finding drinking water or green energy at a low cost close to where they live.

AguaSmart Range- Drinking Water Units

AguaSmart’s drinking water units are able to treat surface/aquifers, brackish, brine and salt/salinated water with a capacity spanning from 5m3 per day to 200m3 per day. Harnessing green energy through windmills or photovoltaic modules, permits our drinking water units to run without any other standard fossil energy such as electricity or diesel. Our drinking water units fit in containers of 20’ or 40’ making them easily transportable by boat or truck. These

containers also serve the purpose of protecting the internal components of the drinking

system. The photovoltaic modules and windmills are placed in the container for shipment

and EXTERNAL ELEMENTS the water storage tanks, depending on their size, can also be included in the container. The unit must be fixed on a stabilized area (i.e. concrete) and able to support 2-3 tons.

– 8 to 21 photovoltaic modules
– 1 to 2 windmills

– Feed pump for raw water
– Sand/silex filter
– Centrifugal filtration
– Filtration onto a carton or pouch
– Dosing pump for sodium hypochlorite (bleach)
– Reverse osmosis system for salt/saline/brine or brackish water
– An output for the « treated water » towards the holding tank
– Electrical control box
– Energy storing batteries
– Flexible holding tanks

– Ultra-violet generator for bacterial disinfection
– Manual plastic bagging unit for the storage and distribution of treated water
– Ice machine (from 150-450kg per day)
– Bottling line
 PVC holding tanks
– Drinking water fountains
– Mineralization
– Gasification (Sparkling water)



How does it run ?



The different components of our units have been selected for their simplicity and durability to ensure hassle-free maintenance, repair and usage. Regarding the quantity and quality of raw water needed to be treated, we will tailor and adapt the unit by modifying the filter’s system, the number of photovoltaic panels and/or windmills, etc.

After pumping the raw water, the water is then sent to a preparation process to treat the water for the membrane filtration, which is critical for minimizing the use of chemical products and the membrane replacement.

Following this pre-treatment, the water is then sent towards the membranous filters, which are specific to the raw water being treated, and then once the water has finished this process it is sent to the holding tank for distribution.

In order to tailor and adapt the construction of AguaSmart’s units, a raw water analysis needs to be conducted to determine different factors such as saline level, turbidity, temperature, etc. Also, different climatic conditions (sun, wind, temperature) need to be accounted for to guarantee the placement of the correct filtration system as well as the power needed for the water capacity. This analysis is crucial to finding the right balance between each component, and to keep in line with the WHO’s recommended drinking water guidelines.

AguaSmart Range- Power Units, Green Energy, Solar Kits

Our power units are easily adaptable and easy to use for any need, transport and fix just about anywhere.AguaSmart’s power units encompass a complete, environmental and economic solution to rural electricity needs. Harnessing renewable energy resources ensures self-sufficiency and energy efficiency from 2 to 12 KW (depending on the model)

Inside the container an electrical box is set up for power transformation, with control and protection equipment, sets of solar batteries and inverter. Outside, on the container a set of photovoltaic panels has to be set up, each of 235 to 300 Watt peak, with protected steel fitting devices and electrical wires and a windmill.